Launch Campaigns

Being at once proactive and reactive, particularly in terms of media, is the driving force behind a successful, integrated public relations campaign. Breaking News, by its very name, monitors and manages every information stream in real time as well as positions its clients’ messaging strategically in broadcast, print and online outlets.

From ideation through on-demand, Breaking News knows every life-stage of entertainment properties – trade and consumer announcements about development, to on-set, unit publicity to worldwide release campaigns – we have you covered. We are equally adept at shepherding epic franchises to box-office success as we are at nurturing opinion-making independent or documentary films from festival to exhibition. Breaking News delivers traditional media campaigns and/or grassroots efforts that expertly land projects and personalities in the cultural zeitgeist.

Highly experienced in the marketing, distribution and sales of theatrical motion pictures and home entertainment product (digital delivery, Blu-ray, DVD, VOD and gaming) and both broadcast and cable television programming, we offer an unparalleled, comprehensive and unique perspective on every entertainment medium and platform. Sometimes,
it’s hard to even keep up with ourselves!