Whether you have just joined a web series or you are about to accept your Lifetime Achievement Award from the Academy® , Breaking News is the champion of your art and personal image. Creatively strategizing to manage the perception of your persona and your work in the press and the marketplace, Breaking News adopts your goals, positioning you dynamically in the public’s consciousness and cultural landscape.

Remember: it is not always about what you see in print, on television or online; a smart, well-crafted campaign sometimes spins on the notion that what you don’t see can be in your best interest. Breaking News knows the critical divide.

Beyond individual projects and short-term media campaigns, Breaking News believes that a good public relations professional is a key component to longevity and a successful entertainment career. Our manner is warm and approachable, representing you to the industry and the media in a respectful and collaborative style. Don’t get us wrong, though: we are sharp, savvy and experienced enough to seamlessly navigate Tinseltown politics – but with a good-natured smile and a knowing wink.