Media Training | Image Consulting

“Don’t judge a book by its cover.” The reason that phrase has been perpetuated for generations is because, as we all know, people do.

It is natural to form first impressions – and Breaking News helps clients project instantly what they want their audiences to know about their cultures, styles and belief systems. Wardrobe, make-up, hair and professional styling as well as the development of a personal color palette are important; confidence and comfort complete the outfit.

Whether on the red carpet, in the boardroom or on your way to a hard-to-get pitch meeting, you can team with Breaking News to enhance your personal presentation while at the same time maintaining an authentic sensibility.

There is an art, moreover, to keeping public statements in context, particularly when the media is so good at putting words in your mouth. Breaking News can help create a more relaxed, on-point interview experience with body language and question-and-answer techniques. No more curve balls; you’ll know how to seamlessly dodge the fast ones and turn almost any question into an opportunity to further your message. And, delivering just the right sound bite is imperative to rise above the “noise;” Breaking News offers customized counsel for individual projects and media appearances.

Don’t worry; it’ll be painless.