Event Planning

Breaking News is the go-to firm for the conceptualization, development and execution of entertainment, corporate and charity events. We understand our clients’ goals and how to “eventize” them in a way that complements their projects, their sensibilities and their budgets.

From having the right guests in the room to production, ticketing, seating and coordinating sponsorships/partnerships – Breaking News is extremely experienced at creating events on every scale. A small, genre book signing is as exciting to us as a blockbuster premiere, and not only because the line for the restroom is typically shorter.

And, if a tree falls in the woods, you ask? Your audience will not be able to miss the event coverage, as Breaking News provides publicity services from start to finish. Media alerts, pre-event interviews, red carpet staging and support, house footage crews with editing/satellite dissemination capabilities and aggressive post-event follow-up are all in our wheelhouse.