Social Media

Nobody used to want to be caught “twittering” away the day. Now, you can’t tweet fast enough to stay relevant.

Managing your online presence and engaging with your audience through social media – as well as maintaining a website with fresh content, polished design and the possibility of monetization – are essential in the modern marketplace.

Fluent in all aspects of new media, Breaking News provides a hub for every online category: social networking (Facebook, LinkedIn, Ning, among others) publishing, sharing audio and video content, blogging, microblogging (such as Twitter), Livecasting, Podcasting, casual gaming, virtual worlds, Aggregator sites, search tools and mobile marketing. We streamline your Web presence and weave a narrative thread through all of your online messaging, developing a trust with your audience and helping to earn your status as an influencer.

Breaking News can also provide clients with “Return on Investment” information, traffic analytics and cyber “watchdog” services that are important reputation management tools.

So, go ahead…Twitter away. Everyone is watching.